Intelli Heat Affordable Home Automation

Intelli Heat Affordable Home Automation

intelli heat electric radiator wireless control

Control your electric heating from anywhere with a simple ‘App’ on your smartphone, iPad or Laptop. It can control the lighting, electric gates and blinds, garage doors, and other applications – not just your heating system.

Turn on the lights if you are not home, turn off the radiators if you decide to stay out late or get delayed on the train. Complete control is in your hands, just ask Us for details.

Electric Heating Programming Options:

Build in Thermostat, Wireless Controls & Smart Home Automation.

intelli heat home automation
Smart Control Made Simple:

Intelli Heat and Livingstone electric designer radiators are wireless linked to an app which can be used on any smart phones and tablets. This is worthwhile for customers as it allows the customers to alter which rooms are heated and which are not at any time of the day. 

Wireless control for centralising and programming:
Electric heating, alarm, lighting, gates, shutters and other appliances.

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Low Cost Installation, Reduced Energy Bills and Maintenance Free.

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